Monday, April 19, 2010

Come and Walk with me Down My Memory Lane~

[Interframe: Hawa and me went to consult Dr Rita this afternoon and guess what - she saw us shopping at Tesco last night. :" Busted! Lol. Ah... and the 'RACISM is so Yesterday' finally arrived after waiting for so long but guess what, one of the t-shirts has the wrong size~! (-_-) Felt quite annoyed cause I had highlighted the orders even and checked the orders thoroughly!]

Just sat for my first paper today and had mixed feelings after sitting for it. I felt both relieved and disappointed for being unable to answer the questions confidently, and because I was unsure of the accuracy of my answers. Okay, maybe I should put it to rest and focus on the coming exam this Friday, which by the way, is for my minor paper, Script writing. Well, the semester is coming to an official end after the exam, and I will have to end my 2nd year status. To continue with my tradition like before, I would like to reminisce the good times being a 2nd year student.

Well, how can I describe the feelings of being a 2nd year student? Let me just put it this way - it feels like you are the middle child in the family. You are not the new faces, and the same time you are going to stay at the university for a long period of time. Well, as a 2nd year student, I am both a junior and senior at the same time. One thing for sure, my social life changed a lot during my 2nd year compared to the year before. I guess my prayers have been answered. I am no longer the insecured girl, I am no longer awkward mixing with new people and I could adjust myself and adapt myself more efficiently to the circumstances than before. Well, thanks to Catholic Undergraduate Society and not to forget facebook, I became who I am today, though not perfect, but a better version compared to the awkward first year undergraduate student that I was. I felt more contented and thankful during my 2nd year, less dependent on my sister, compared to my first year where I felt that I had so much insecurities. Thanks to my seniors, peers and juniors, you know who you are, who gave me the chance to experience contentment in my university life. So here, I would like to invite you to walk back down to my memory lane while being the 2nd year student here in Universiti Sains Malaysia.

The start of my second year started with the recruiting of the new members into CUS. Thus, Melody organized a bowling game to let us break the ice with the juniors - and that time, there were only two of the juniors present, namely Jasper and Michael. XD hahah. So-called ice-breaking with the juniors huh~.

Thanks to Lis for bringing her handphone to capture this moment! XD

Then, we tracked down the graduating seniors and buy some tokens for them as symbol of appreaciation for being a CUSers during their undergraduate moments. The picture above showed us showing up for the convocation of our CUS senior, Anna Edwina. After that, me and Step went to have a look around the Tapak Konvo and took a ride on the horse. Man, that is the last time I'm going to ride on a horse cause I felt sooo unstable riding on it.

Felt like wanna fall! Ugh! By the way, thanks to Step for taking this photo. ;)

Then, we have our outing to Kerachut. There were just a few of us but we enjoyed fooling around during this outing. Everybody shows off their comical side, none of us were acting like a proper lady during this outing. XD

Posing with the flags. Show-offing our patriotism.

The stairs to museum? Hehe.

Well, the next agenda is the car-wash at Immaculate Conception Church. We came there as early as 7.30 am and managed to raise a few hundreds. Thank God it was not raining that day. I had a great time washing the cars with my junior Vera, and my peers - namely Clevellen and Eduard. They were all good sports to be with. We even joked about blessing and baptizing the cars with the water.

Us, having a car-wash at Immaculate Conception church for the fund-raising to join the Intercampus Gathering.

Then, there was this CUS gathering which dated back in 18th September 2009, which was one significant and memorable CUS gathering, because it was full of crazy moments. I bet that this was one of the craziest CUS gathering in history ever! The gathering was conducted by the Hibari Four family, and it was the gathering right before our journey to Intercampus Gathering at Majodi Centre, Johor.

We were given sweets and asked to wait at the verandah while they (Hibari 4 family) were preparing something for us to play.

Look at the picture above and you will know what I meant by the craziest gathering ever. It was like a zoo or a nursery full of hyperactive kids.

Then, there's the ICG. The experience at ICG was awesome, though I heard that it was not as happening as the previous ICG which was held at St Anne, Bukit Mertajam. But I was thankful because during this ICG, I became closer with my senior, Matth, because we were roommates during the camp. And the rest, as they say, is history. ;)

Participants from USM Minden at the ICG. Say ORAIT to Jesus! (Note the weird poses. lol)

And the last CUS activity for the semester would be the gathering at FM house with Fr Dominic.

Then, before the exam, me and my seniors had some outing together during the study week to release our tension.

After the sunset Mass before makan-makan time!

Eating somewhere near Queensbay area. Know more about this outing in this post. :)

And all of that were the significant events happening during my first semester of my second year. The new semester starts at 2010, and I changed my hairstyle. I guess it's a tradition for me to change my hairstlye at the second semester of each year. Hmm, wonder what my hairstlye would be for the coming year huh? (Bald head fashion is possible if my hair loss keep getting serious!)

The second semester started with the CUS Annual Camp 2010. It was held at College General. This is a group photo during one of the sessions conducted during the camp.

Dr Prema was one exciting speaker. ;)

As usual, the CUS weekly gathering... XD I was clueless about the actions for this action song! Lol.

Having our Ash Wednesday 2010 dinner. Before that, Marce, Claire Marie and me went to watch a movie (Wolfman). Then, before the Chinese New Year holidays end, we went to join the Exco Camp which was held at the FM House. The camp was fun, though there were just 9 participants. At least, it was easier to break the ice when there were less participants.

Taking picture with Fr Dominic as one of the challenges during this camp. Fr Dominic is the youth chaplain for the Catholic Undergraduate Society and he would try to frequent the activity which may bring the CUS closer to the campus ministry.

One of the coolest pictures during the camp. Lol. XD

Group photo on the last day of the exco camp. It was one memorable camp and thanks to Anne for organizing it all by herself!

Then, on one of the CUS gathering, we were having a futsal match instead. Melody was the one behind this. Thanks Melod! Lol. Have fun that day! It was enjoyable and fun, and not to forget, tiring. The guys were really something. Their stamina last so long.

Me, together with my futsal team. Didn't we look cool? ;)

Then, on the 6th of March, we had a trip to St Joseph Children home for our outreach programme. Know more about this activity in this post. :D It was during this visit that one of my seniors, Duke, found his future kids, lol, namely Raymond and Mothis. This visit to St Joseph Children Home brought out the fatherly behaviour in Duke.

A group photo of us with the children! :D

And last but not least, the last CUS event of the semester, was the long awaited CUS Nite, which had the theme "A Night in Paradise." I had so much fun that night, but the downside was that I had not taste the soup that was prepared for the buffet. (-_-) Haiz..

More story on CUS nite in this post.

Hawa and me during the Malam Bumi Kenyalang. ;) Everybody wants to pose with the sape! Lol.
And not to forget, our last class with Miss Tahereh. The other last classes photos were available in facebook. Too lazy to grab some of them. XD

One picture to keep as memory. hahah.

This will be one sweet memory lane happening in my university life. I became closer with those whom I was not that close with, but at the same time, I became further with those I was once close with, especially Lee Ying, Pei Lee, my first year friends namely Mei Ling, Sook Mon and Susanna. Life is a compromise as they say, and we could not have it all. But I wish I will have the chance to meet them again soon.

Though I couldn't have it all, I think I got the best that I could ever have for my 2nd year in university and I am thankful for it. God has answered most of my prayers, but for the next semester, I have one more prayer, and if it has been answered, I am going to write it here in my blog. Deal.

By the way,

bye 2nd year?



jeans lusuh said...

wahhh....tradisi ka menulis like this. ilek mau. i think ur final year post will be the most sedih one...congrats dapat go thru ths sem dgn lots of ups and downs

Mad Maureen said...

hahah.. yea, sebab sikda album gambar yg dpt summarize semua kjadian, jd molah post kedak tok so that bila dah rasa rindu, tga balit post ya... haha.. auk, final year paling sedih kelak... XD haha, eh huhu.. thanks ya... :) all the best to u too.. gambate for ur final! ;D

Mel Malden said...

haha..mine' owest related to the sports stuff meh? bowling n futsal..hahaha..hue..2nd year post mau...dont hv the heart to post my 3 years journey here..huhu.sob2..sedey

Mad Maureen said...

Mel: hahaha! ya kan. ku bok perasan. XD oh, dah tergambar jati diri bersifat kesukanan... XD wow, i wana know about ur 3rd year story.. *wink2* or mbe u flashback till ur first year punya.... =) adalah kenangan manis2 time ya.. btw, u continuing with master right.. Hopefully u do.. =)