Monday, May 3, 2010

7 Mad Things Thou Have/Haven't Known About Me...

[Interframe: When I create new post, that means I'm free from exam, yahoo~! And I have to start packing! boo hoo~!]

Thanks to Step and Melod for the awards. Really appreciate them. Bukan selalu dapat awards, weh~! Kitak dua memang best! Aku salute! Aku sayang.. aku cinta, aku suka.. Okay, so after I received this award, instead of giving a full long speech, I am required to share 7 things about myself. Hmm, at least this question is something that I can score better than the paper this morning. So 7 things huh~ Well, I guess apart from the 10 things that I mentioned at the right side of the blog, there's more to me than meets the eye. Well, I guess maybe most of the people around me have their own perceptions on who I am, it can be either positive or negative, but oh well, that's their perceptions, and I couldn't blame them cause I also make perceptions about them. *wink* And hell yeah, I know that I am not an open book, thus the complication of my behaviour. Okay, let's start counting~!

First, I am not a perfectionist like my sister. My priorities are always different from others. I don't mind if I disappoint myself sometimes because I never wanted to expect so much out of myself either. The motto of my life is "Happy first, sad later~!" Yeah, you know where this motto is applicable, which is during exam of course. I had a hard time compromising my entertainment for studies at the moment. That is why I admire without fail anybody who could give up their entertainment for the sake of exam, cause I couldn't even give up facebook until the morning of exam! I am not a hardworking though the way I present myself tells otherwise but as they say, looks can be deceiving. So that's it, everybody.

Secondly, behind this vulnerable face, I am actually a MEAN person. Why sometimes people tend to think I am nice is still a mystery to me. Was it my facial expression? Seriously, I didn't know that I have a smiley face. I was surprised when a person whom I knew from a retreat that I've been to said that I have a smiley face and said that my smile bring joy to him. People said I smiled when I actually did not intend to. (-_-") I felt like I am abnormal due to that smiley face syndrome that I had. And sometimes people I don't know smiled at me because they thought I smiled at them. But it's okay though. As long as I don't kobek at them, ok dah.

Thirdly, I am a sexist sometimes. Correction, most of the times. I treated my female friends and male friends differently. I tend to be sarcastic to my male friends and I speak in a low and cuter voice with a female friend. I felt joy when bullying a male friend. (Muahahahaahah Duke! Hahahahahah Peter! Hahahhahahaha boys!) XD I felt such joy when bullying them because they tend to look helpless when they tend to control macho in front of others. I think this is a big weakness and a main reason why I am still singlelicious still now (not that I complain, lol). I don't like to be that oh-so-nice and that oh-so-sweet girl in front of guys when I am not, I mean uwekkk!! I too felt uncomfortable whenever a guy become too control macho in front of me. I mean, puh-lease. There's not need to be too tight - I am not your employer or your interviewer. I am just another person here. Thus, if I have to have someone in my life, a partner for example, he has to accept me for all these weaknesses in me, and I have to be tolerant towards him too.

Fourthly, I am a contest maniac. I love to join online contests in Astro. I mean, the one that doesn't require you to post something to the post office, and the one with the questions where you can find the answer from Wikipedia or another sources in the net. So far, I've won a few CDs from Channel V, a Kimora Lee Simmons Barbie from Astro, some goodie bags, etc. In conclusion, love you Channel V and Astro! My life would suck without you!

Fifthly, I am annoyed at racist people. They just don't belong to the society. Blerk~! :P"""""

Sixthly, I believe in karma (just like Matt, lol). What goes around, comes around. Those who had done bad things to others had learned their lessons the hard way. I've seen people I know from primary school who used to be bullied during their childhood but is now making a great comeback, they looked hot, cool, and gorgeous. And they could be the one with the last laugh, laughing at those who used to bully them!

And last but not least, the seventh heaven!!:

I hate to live an ordinary life - though I am living one now. Lol. I mean, ordinary as in everyday doing the same thing, or chasing the same thing like everybody else, which is of course chasing time, money and becoming the best. Tell you what, I don't mind being compared as the person with the least quality during a comparison, because inside me I know, though I have nothing, God has given me so much, and blessed me with much things that I least expected. Though I don't have much, I experienced so much. And I saw that others who are more perfect than me could not enjoy their lives like I do. For example, why do you care to look pretty so much when only others can enjoy your beauty when looking at you? You go on a diet, you exercise, then at the end of the day it's the people around you who experienced pleasure looking at you while you just have to torture yourself in your high heels and tight dress. It's not like you can look at your own reflection 24 hours perday right? That's what I mean, and I am not surprised if you did not get what I mean because I write in a complicated manner. XD

Ah.. Finally completed the list! Phew~!
And if you still have more questions apart from what I've shared about me
(which I think is a lot already)
do ask me some questions here in formspring ---> in this link.

Yeah, I just created this formspring account right after exam today. XD

So, as generous as I am, hehe, I would like to present this award to the next 7 lucky bloggers that I know.

Since Michelle@Misel and Pamela were already tagged by my sister, I give this awards to the those who has not been tagged (as far as I know lah~ hihi).

So congratz the chosen 7!!! ----> namely Amanda, Hawa, Claire Marie, Mel Ed, Shakira, Afiq, and introducing Angelo, a new blogger on the blogstreet, whom, by the way is the younger brother of Michelle@ Misel. It's nice kan to have siblings on the blogosphere - the way I have with my sis. Lol. Another way to get connected with your sibling and to know their stuff without needing to ask them about it.

PS: By the way, I did not tag
Haffiz because I know that either Hawa, Mel or Kiki will tag him. ;) hehe.


cik kiki said...

maumau..thnx dear for the award, i felt like touched.. haiseh,
eh i'll buat ur seventh heaven list...maybe later..huuuuu

by the way, i like ur singlelicious status,

because i happy to be single toooo...:)

Lady Bie @ Mel said...

thanx dear...xoxoxo


Love Says it All~ said...





016-2128740 (EYRA RIZAL)

jeans lusuh said...

tag's DONE hihihihih

Angelo said...

THANKS for the award..
speechless... haha...

btw, wht is this all about?
(Newbie~~..i'm a newborn baby in blog's world..) tak tau apa2.. msh blur ni.. ahhaha

P/s: thx lagi sbb knalkan sy pd msyarakat blogger. huahauha..
I really appreciate it..

Mad Maureen said...

Cik Kiki: You're welcome. Lol. Yeah, i like my singlelicious status too. ahahaha.. but the worst thing is that i don't have a boyfriend who can be my hamba angkat barang time ni. XD Kena angkat barang dengan singleliciousnya sekarang.. heeee..

Mel: You're welcome girl.. ;)Hope you have a nice time holidaying. HOme sweet home kan.. ;) See you next sem yeah.. XD

Love: thanks for the promotion. ;)

Claire: Wah cepatnya. Lol. Yep, checked already. Bagus2. Dapat A dah..Heheehe. You really deserved the award. Hahah.

Angelo: You're welcome for the award.. Hhaha. Oh, this award is like tagging-menagging actually.
When I passed the award to you, you have to tell 7 things about yourself, then you have to pass this award to another 7 bloggers by tagging them. ;) (dagen fb pun bei pelik tag tan ien.. heee..) it's more or less like that. Good luck in doing it ya.. ;D Oh, i am glad to memperkenalkan u to masyarakat blogger. ;) .. the more the merrier.

afiqhanis said...

hoo makasih. bok mk nnyak pabenda tk tek. hahaha

Mad Maureen said...

kuangx4. so ktk dah tau dah nak? hehe.. sila terima award dan buat challengenya. hehehe. ada penjelasan kmk dlm komen sebelumnya.

Hawa said...

ok, they oredy done with it..n even Mel made 22 list..
Thanks cz tagged me but me..MEEEE???
only God know when will i get dat award from u..

P/s: no matter wat happened, u stil da speacial person 4 i know u as u n dat make u speacial 4 me..=)

Maureen said...

Hawa: hahah. yeah, deadline dah mok dekat dah tok Hawa.. (hahahah. gurau jak, iboh segaut, rileks jak polah, heee) well ,you deserved the award dear. hehe. wow, you are special to me too. ;) so we both ini insan istimewa lah ni.. :') thanks Hawa. i feel like i am receiving a special award now.

MISELnamapendek said...

OH. I havent write 7 things about myself. Nampaknya saya ada assignment. Hoho, mesti Cikgu Melissa marah. haha.

Petite Amanda said...

lol, you have one thing in common with me.. I treat male friends different from female friends too. I'm more sarcastic and cynical towards them. hehehe.. finished the tag already btw! :) happy reading!

Mad Maureen said...

Miselnamapendek: "ho... jaga2" *buat dlm nada annoying budak2 time primary school apabila kwn mereka x siap homework sambil jari telunjuk digoyang-goyangkan, hehehe*. yea, assignment masa cuti tu, 30% markah. Cikgu Melissa dah bawa rotan tu.. lol. take ur time Cikgu Michelle. XD

Ada: Yeah kan? DOnno why but it just came naturally like that. maybe it's because we take for granted that guys won't be as sensitive when it comes to being cynical to them, but in some cases i am wrong. Guys are sensitive too! lol. Yeah, happily reading your tag already! Nice one! ;) Btw, good luck in finishing your assignments. I'm glad i get to finally get rid of assignments during these 2 months. heee..