Thursday, November 11, 2010

DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Hotter and Smarter

Greetings people~

I am in the mood of story-telling now.

Let me tell you about a story of a vain queen and her magic mirror. The setting for this story is during this current period, this current era. But this particular queen never watches Miss World or Miss Universe, thus she was very delusional and thought that she indeed was the hottest creature in the planet. She was so outdated, and so was her magic mirror.

Photo source: here.

Every morning, the queen would stand in front of the magic mirror and said
"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the hottest creature in this world?"

Because the magic mirror was totally outdated, it would always answer the queen with the same "Yes, your majesty. You are indeed the hottest creature in the planet."

And after hearing that particular uttera
nce from the magic mirror, the queen would be happy and contented - because her aim to be the hottest creature in the planet was fulfilled.

One day, after her plastic surgery, the queen upgraded her magic mirror because she wanted to be sure that she was still the hottest -even among the creatures of all the other planets. To upgrade her mirror efficiency, she subscribed to DG Smart Plan, after the advice of her surgeon of course.

The queen was very excited to use her updated version of her magic mirror for the first time.
And now, she asked the mirror

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the hottest creature in the galaxy?"

Suddenly a yellow man whose appearance looks like a member of the Teletubbies cam
e into the view of the queen.

Photo source: here

"The hottest creature eh?"
the Yellow Man from the magic mirror began.

"It's Jessica Alba~!" he answered excitedly.

Photo source: here.

Upon hearing this, the queen was furious.
"What? I can't believe this!"

"Ah.. slow down. Please my queen, do not be furious. I was just joking. The hottest creature in the galaxy of course is..."

The queen was very anxiou
s and she expected her name -
but instead the Ye
llow Man uttered..

jeng jeng jeng

ORCH 9800!!"

The queen was speechless while the Yellow Man continued to talk about the hotness of the
Blackberry torch 9800.

"Blackberry torch is the
world's first Blackberry with QWERTY keypad and touchscreen. It is hotter than any smartphones ever existed before. Why it's hotter, you may ask, your Majesty. Well, here are the reasons why."

"My queen, instead of letting your hotness be reflected temporarily on this humble magic mirror, with this smartphone, your majesty can do unlimited camwhoring using the 5MP camera and with its capacity of 8GB memory. If your majesty thinks that 8 GB memory is still not enough to store up all your files and vain pictures (ahem), your majesty can expand its memory with a microSD card up till 32 GB!"

"Oh..." The queen nodded. "What else is so special about this so-called hot stuff?"

"Well," the Yellow Man continued. "Besides the camera, you can always update yourself by browsing the net through this smartphone. It has faster and richer browsing, where Your Majesty can manage multiple open websites with tabbed browsing. It also have the hot features, namely 3G, GPRS and EDGE."

"Oh" the queen nodded.

"But gee, Yellow Man, though I am a queen,
ahem, I have a teeny problem with my budget. You know, after my plastic surgery and magic mirror upgrade and all that, I don't have much money to buy this smartphone though I really, really am interested to buy it... Because it's really, really hot..." The queen said with a sad face.

"Fret not, your highness. This smartphone though its price is RM 2299, but since you had subscribed to DG smartplan, you ca
n get this smartphone at cheaper price. Let me tell you something. It's better for you, your Highness, to subscribe to this plan for 24 months so that you can buy this hot smartphone at only RM1499, which is RM800 cheaper than its original price!"

"Really?" the queen was very interested to be the owner of the hot stuff.

"Yes, your Highness. I won't lie to you. Besides there are other benefits of signing up for this smartplan as you can see from this magic mirror,"
the Yellow Man said as he depicted these information
on the magic mirror.

Why this DG smartplan is the smart plan for you, you and you:

The next thing we know, the queen was spotted by the paparazzi at the nearest retail shop, purchasing her very first hottest stuff in the universe and galaxy, Blackberry Torch 9800 while signing up for the 24 month DG smartplan contract for 24 months.

So, what are you waiting for?

Be SMART, but don't forget be HOTTER, people~.

For more information, it's just a click away!

13 comments: said...

ohemji..amau sda mula mempromot!! tp best plak dgar ko bercerita psl phone tok compare to others yg obviously entry psl iklan! haha

btw, ku bg cdgan la..title ko boh obvious gilak.mcm hanis slu polah tp ku sa by looking to the latest ad, ko for sure dah tau apa entry latestnya..blom gk ko baca. kenny gik la direct to the point!

bc blog xiaxue sjak 2 mnjak tok..err..tb2 jak ku x sukanya..nya suka condemn org la..da la show off kit2 tp ku still juak baca! haha

kiki said...

MAU I LIKE THE STORY SOOO. *hoo caps lock mengambarkan kesukaan.. haha

bravo! mau.. u punya iklan syk syiok! compare yg normal one..

syuka syuka syuka!
*nak satu blackberry lebih.. aha ;p

Mad Maureen said...

auk Step.. ahaha.promote untuk contest ba.. hehehee.. tetiba rajin nak mok polah post kedak tok.. aku join jadi digi angels - ya dapat news terbaru pasal contest tok tek..

dahlah phone ya kedak best jak.. terliur mok hahah. ;) oh.. nya pun tajuk terpaksa ngkah tajuk tok cos ya salah satu syarat dalam contest tok huhu.

auk kan. dah terkantoi di awal2 dah akibat tajuk ya yang tok post untuk promote thru contest adei..ahahah..

thanks ya Step for the tips. aku pun bok tga blog Xia XUe tek, tapi aku dah rasa agak keciwa cos nya sik ngkah gambar unedited version. camne la mok mengenalnya secara live mun nya selalu photoshop adei.. hehe.

Mad Maureen said...

Kiki: HI KIKI!!!!!

ni capslock balik sebab suka dengan komen Kiki.. ;) *wink2*

Thanks yea. :D

mau blackberry lebih? haha. boleh. nanti Maureen try e-mel mintak dengan dengan Digi angels..

(result: pihak Digi Angels mengelaskan e-mel minta blackberry yg telah saya sent sebagai spam adei) said...

entry XX psl pill ya lawak dow..haha baca sampe UPDATEnya, haha what a useless entry!! haha

Mad Maureen said...

ah.. ada ku baca hahahah.. yea. nya pasal pill perancang ya. adei. nang sik patut hehe.

JAI said...

Ehhh..kitak urang sarawakkah??..hehe..tahniah eh menang blackberry torch..

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on your winning!!! Super creative story!!! :p Seriously!!! =D

Mohamad Uzair Bin Othman said...

tahniah menang blackberry ye...

i pun menang jg..hihi

Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

Congratz!!! Yay!! U won the blackberry!

Mad Maureen said...

JAI: auk... kmk orang Sarawak.. auk.. nang happy nektok.. sik tersangka bah.. thanks ya..! :)

Nicole: thanks Nicole!! :D really appreciate that.. thanks for the compliment too girl.. ;)

Uzair: tahniah utk u juga.. thanks a lot ya.. ;)

Adawiyah: thanks a lot Adawiyah...!!! I still need to digest this good news.. really2 happy indeed.. :D

FifieJay said...

cngratz for winning. hahaha. a very good story telling. mmg creative ler :D

Mad Maureen said...

Fifie: thanks for the compliment Fifie... ;D SO happy and God bless yea!