Thursday, September 24, 2015


Omg I can't believe this blog has been on a hiatus for lol like... one year plus?

Well, i won't give reasons that i am too busy to blog, cause i used to be busy too when i was still studying, yet I was able to blog. It is all about making time and having the mojo to do it. 

Or perhaps it is because i have a new platform to ramble (dayre, fyi, which was on a hiatus for quite sometime too until recently lol). 

Oh well, this year has almost come to an end, and you know what, I kinda love 2015 so far because it is the year I made a few changes to my life. 

First, I moved to a new apartment. Lol. Although this apartment is not as nice as my previous one, I like the area cause it is near to Amway, Starbucks, Gurney Paragon and just a 15-minute drive from my workplace which saves me a lot of time. Just that I can't really cook at home cause, well, the kitchen isn't hygenic. I have to cook using my microwave oven for every single meal I have at home. 
Well, nothing is perfect right? Lol. At least the flaws of staying in this apartment is something that I am able to tolerate.

 Next... well I really love this one. I bought Juneer! (Fyi, Juneer is my car, whom i finally bought after suggestions and pesters from people around me! lol.) 

It wasn't an overnight decision to buy Juneer though it seems that way cause I never really told my friends that I wanted to buy a car. I wanted to win a car initially lol but with my luck with contests and lucky draws recently, I thought it was unwise to wait any longer lol so voila, I had Juneer. 

Although there are so many responsibilities and expenses that come together with the purchase of Juneer, well, to reflect, it is worth it cause right now I get to save time and I can also bring my family (come December), friends and relatives around when they come for a visit. Of course, I have to manage my finance now that i have a new baby to take care of.

Oh apart from these two big changes, i have registered for a gym membership. Lol i know right. I wasn't a gym maniac back then but because I got a really good deal, I signed up for it. And honestly, i never regretted my decision even once cause it kinda discipline me to a certain extent. I do hope this membership will help me to endure the other thing that I signed up for this year, which is lol Penang bridge full marathon (42 km man... I am not sure how i am going to survive, but well, since i paid for the registration already, i have to go for it). 

I guess these are the updates that I have so far. Will update this blog again another year? :P Ciao. 

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