Thursday, February 14, 2013

Local Romance

How did you spend your Valentine's Day?

Dinner with your someone-someone? Hang out with friends? Visiting on 5th day of CNY? Movies with family? Or in front of the laptop like foreveralone me? 

Well for the foreveraloners like me, the consolation would be to watch romantic movies (so that the movies could raise the bar of real life romance and made me have higher expectations and eventually become single for the rest of my life) with a 200g bar of chocolate at my hand. But nope, I did not watch any romantic movie on Valentine's Day. In fact I watched the romantic comedy movie the day before Valentine's. 

When it comes to romantic comedies, all the Hollywood movies like Just Like Heaven, Maid in Manhattan, Pretty Woman, The Ugly Truth, What Women Want, etc would surely cross our mind. I think Hollywood romance comedies are much overrated at some point (except for Just Like Heaven and The Ugly Truth which were very nice). So I opted for local movies instead, or specifically telemovie. 

Guess what telemovie I watched? Cik Paris Diva Kampung! Lol. 

This is a simple film with funny scripts and comical characters - and the thing that I liked the most in this telemovie was Liyana's portrayal of the main character, Zulaikha. She really portrayed the role of a spoilt brat very well until you would think that she is as divalicious as Paris in real life. 

Zulaikha (right) and her BFF Sara (Amirah Nadia) arrived at Mersing, a village somwhere in Johor. 

To summarize it briefly (with no spoiler), this movie is basically about a spoiled rich girl named Zulaikha and her BFF spending two weeks in a Malay village in Mersing just to prove to her fiancee that she is not a spoiled brat (sounds familiar? Remember The Simple Life Reality Show by Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie? That was where Zulaikha got her inspiratoin lol!)  While at the kampung, she captured the attention of a humble young man named Sufian (Izzue Islam) who eventually became her friend. Can they be together - an urban spoilt rich brat and a humble village orphan? 

Izzue Islam as Sufian. He is kinda cute but for some reason, people dubbed him as Malaysian Johnny Depp. What do you think? 

It has a simple storyline but the acting and the dialogues are very amusing. The portrayal of Sara, Zulaikha's BFF by Amirah Nadia is also very convincing. The way she speaks, ugh, gedik sesangat but very funny and amusing that I could not help but to laugh everytime she opens her mouth. If you are looking for some light-hearted local movie then you can definitely watch this. 

It is no box office but it definitely can entertain you. :)

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