Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Thank God for YouTube!

*Trying to remove rust from the blog* 

Guess I will be updating this blog on a yearly basis.
Colleagues/Friends are probably visiting another countries and doing something productive during the break while yours truly is savouring her home life. 

Been hooked on to Youtube and been streaming videos there.

From music videos, recipes, to some enlightening videos, you name it, I've watched it. 

 I would like to highlight this one amazingly talented Youtuber, Daniela Andrade. Maybe some of you have known her, but for those who haven't, you will be awed by her rendition of La Vie En Rose.  
A picture tells a thousand words, so I guess you have to multiply that one thousand with the duration of the video when it comes to watching a video? 

It is as good as Tracy's (from How I Met Your Mother) version , and I kinda prefer her rendition. Very soothing la her voice. 

Oh oh and I chanced upon this video of Sara and Bani's cover of Aubrey by Bread. Sara is one personality that I find charming. She and Bani really make a cute couple. ;)

Besides these two videos on music covers, there are some really enlightening videos on Youtube as well.

There was one tweethandle on Twitter who actually recommended this Youtube channel - The School of Life - and guess what, I found the videos really thought-provoking. I mean the videos posted by this channel mostly revolved around philosophy, psychology, history and some other topics along those lines. I guess it is because the founder of this channel, Alain de Botton is a philosopher. I like the fact that he turned all these big topics into something digestible and relatable to the bigger audience who might have no background knowledge in the things he discussed. Although he did get negative reviews, his channel is worth watching. I particularly like these two videos.

Who Am I - a video which discusses on what is your essence, or in other words, the things or qualities that make you, you. Is it your ability to dance, your appearance, your memory, or how you react to situations? 
Ha, intrigued already? Click on this video to find out more. 

Status Anxiety - a video which I think most millennials can relate to. Click, click!

There is one other Youtube channel worth checking out too - CrashCourse. Really useful for students who need to comprehend some lecture notes which are too long-winded.

Lastly, enjoy! Make sure you prepare coffee and snacks while streaming - you will be glued to the screen of your computer for hours. ;)

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